Family Therapy

Families usually do not come into therapy until they are in real distress, disarray or pain. One person may look like they are “the problem” by acting out, breaking down, or otherwise preventing business as usual. It’s my job as a family therapist to jump into the system with you, and create solutions. The good news is that families can move back towards balance and health once they have established tools to communicate.

It’s important to establish an environment where everybody feels heard and safe enough to talk about what’s really going on. I respect the distinct culture of each family, both the ethnic/national/religious culture and also the unique personality of any one family. Without trying to change the family’s own identity, I try to help the members renegotiate the unspoken rules that control how everyone relates to each other.

Through our work together, we increase coping skills and create a toolkit to manage each person’s emotional reactions. The goal is to leave therapy with better ways to manage family relationships into the future.