Creative people can be out of balance because they are blocked, depressed and stagnant or they may be on the opposite side, so immersed in producing their work that their relationships are suffering. In either case, the person’s passion for their art or craft has somehow stopped the healthy flow of energy in their life. I have a lot of experience working with artists and the kinds of difficulties that bring them to therapy.

I can help people simplify their creative process, and quiet the voices inside them that get in the way. Often fear is ruling their world: the fear of failing, fear of succeeding, fear of having a voice, fear of not being important, or fear of losing the genius inside them if they get healthy. Uncovering and addressing fear is the major task in most of the work I do with artists.

Finding a way to live and be successful as an artist is very challenging in Los Angeles. Even in times of great success, artists have to be willing to risk failure. The difficulty of any creative work means that they are living with some measure of uncertainty, drama and anxiety all the time. I have a lot of respect and empathy for what it means to be an artist today, and I am glad to be able to bring my skills to the table and be of help.